Rohan Smith @ro_smith 3 min read September 15, 2021 - 12:10AM Enough is enough. How do you reconcile that with having been the spokesperson for a President who has misled the American people on everything from coronavirus to climate change, who boasts about grabbing women on the pussy, who paid hush money to a porn star to keep her quiet about their alleged relationship and who has maligned the men and women of Americas armed forces? View more property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow. It might well be taken up by a billionaire socialist and simply become the on-air version of the Saturday Paper. Now what may be called The New ABC has certainly been captured by an urban elite the inner city latte Left alienating not only rural Australia but also the vast majority of city dwellers whose taxes pay for it. DG: I never drive on the Eyre Highway. Uncritical acceptance and promotion of Anthropocentric Global Warming pseudoscience is now routine in virtually every facet of their programming, from kids drama to gardening, science reporting and of course the weather. I mostly watch prerecorded shows and zap through the ads, and the process is virtually the same whether I am watching the commercial channels or the ABC the only difference is that the Collectives ads are for itself rather than goods or services produced by dreaded capitalists. Uhlmann eventually returned to being political editor while Sales hosted alone and a new executive producer, Sally Neighbour, was brought on at the end of 2012. We will have to accept that many worthy programs currently aired by the Collective will of necessity migrate to commercial channels, and be funded at least in part by paid advertising. But some armchair critics on Twitter repeatedly accuse her of going soft on conservatives and too hard on Labor. [9] In November 2022 Sales was announced as the new host of ABC TV's weekly biographical documentary series Australian Story, to commence the role in early 2023.[6]. It is the insidious culture within parliament, which allows the prime minister of the day to exhibit bullying behaviour emblematic of abusers, by ignoring the pleas of women protesting violence and going as far as to suggest theyre lucky not to be shot. We in the mainstream media have for years run cover for you over Reades claims but heres what Wikipedia reports: In a March 25, 2020, interview withKatie Halper, Reade alleged that Biden had pushed her against a wall, kissed her, put his hand under her skirt, penetrated her with his fingers, and asked, Do you want to go somewhere else?[12][36]Reade toldNational Public Radio(NPR) for an April 19 article, His hands went underneath my clothing and he was touching me in my private areas and without my consent.[36]Reade toldThe Intercepther impression was that Biden believed he had consent and was surprised when she rejected him. leigh_sales. [I]t seems to be like theres a view if you support the facts, and you want to challenge people with the facts, thats an indication of a left wing bias. She is temporarily based in Washington, with the ongoing tensions between Australia and China currently preventing her from taking up her proposed position as the ABCs Beijing bureau chief. Ex-minister Stuart Robert 'takes responsibility' for Robodebt implementation, British MP rejects claims by Dutton that UK does not have capacity to build nuclear-powered submarines, The broader debate about tax changes that could improve the budget bottom line, An interview with US special envoy to LGBTQI, Jessica Stern, Mark Humphries takes on the changes to super tax breaks, NSW government facing accusations of pork barrelling over bushfire grants program, Allegra Spender says government's super changes a 'missed opportunity', Albanese government working on whistleblower protections, Australia has 'huge role to play' in combatting climate change, says Bill Gates, Sean Turnell speaks to 7.30 on how he coped in Myanmar prisons, Extended Interview: Greta Thunberg tells Australia to wake up on the climate emergency, How British Vogues Edward Enninful made himself visible in the fashion industry, China's Ambassador to Australia, Xiao Qian, speaks to 7.30, Extended interview: Why James Cameron may not direct the final 'Avatar' sequel, The Queen remembered for her sense of fun and duty by her former aide, Jacinda Ardern, New Zealands Prime Minister talks to 7.30, Photographer Andrew Quilty on the fall of Kabul, Indigenous leader Noel Pearson speaks to 7.30, US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, speaks to 7.30, British MP rejects Dutton's claim the UK does not have capacity to build Australia's nuclear-powered subs, Slow buyback scheme pushes flood-affected residents to sell homes on the open market, As Cyclone Gabrielle hit, Ra Kupa thought she 'was a goner'. Earlier this week I watched Leigh Sales, 7-30 Report, interview Sarah Huckabee Sanders, former press secretary to USA President, Donald Trump. It is possible that this is the state of affairs the Left desires. Leigh Sales on the ABC TVs 7.30 last night Sept 16) interviewed Donald Trumps former press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. It is a matter for a commercial entity like Twitter to ask itself and my understanding is that it is whether the treatment of journalists, in particular female journalists, on its platform is acceptable, she wrote. Leigh Sales speaks about women in the media at Breakthrough in Melbourne. They are an incredibly talented and motivated team with terrific leaders. Your book makes it clear that youre heavily guided by your Christian faith and family values. Leigh Sales grills Scott Morrison over his faith and plebiscite views in final interview before election Prime Minister Scott Morrison fired back at tough questions on his faith and attitude to gay people, saying he is "not running for pope". No wonder the ABC experts all got the 2016 Trump election wrong, and they might get another nasty surprise in November. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Australia License POLITICS MEDIA WOMEN 7.30s Sarah Ferguson speaks to China's Ambassador to Australia, Xiao Qian about Taiwan, imprisoned journalist Cheng Lei and President Xi Jinpings leadership. Leigh Sales, journalist, author, mother-of-two and host of ABC's 7.30, is known for her wide-ranging political interviews and no-nonsense approach to her Join 1.7 Million Subscribers (Yes, Im a denier too!). We're not rats', Rectorial address, Glasgow University - 1972, For Geoffrey Tozer: 'I have to say we all let him down', by Paul Keating - 2009, for James Baldwin: 'Jimmy. Sanders replied, acknowledging her mistake and apologising. for Caitlin & Johnny - 2015, Korey Soderman (via Kyle): 'All our lives I have used my voice to help Korey express his thoughts, so today, like always, I will be my brothers voice' for Kyle and Jess - 2014, Bruce Springsteen: 'They're keepers of some of the most beautiful sonic architecture in rock and roll', Induction U2 into Rock Hall of Fame - 2005, Olivia Colman: 'Done that bit. 33w. We look forward to your next media steps @leighsales, Original reporting and incisive analysis, direct from the Guardian every morning. Or that her crime was to post on Facebook urging people attending a rally to wear masks and observe social distancing rules? Climate activist Greta Thunberg has called on the world to wake up to the climate emergency, days out from this years UN Climate Summit in Egypt. Michael Cooney was a speechwriter for @, Leigh Sales: 'it is sickening to see this constant situation where powerful people and institutions exploit less powerful people', Sydney Media Club - 2021. Kwame Nkrumah: 'Our capital flows out in streams to irrigate the whole system of Western economy', inaugural ceremony of the OAU Conference - 1953, John Lewis: 'We will not and cannot be patient', March on Washington - 1963 , Jon Stewart: "They responded in five seconds", 9-11 first responders, Address to Congress - 2019, Jacinda Ardern: 'They were New Zealanders. LS:To be honest, it shouldnt be that hard to come on my show and do ok, because every single person who comes on should know more in their subject area than I do. He speaks to Sarah Ferguson about the growing threat of China in our region. [iii] Where sites have stayed obstinately rural, temperatures have shown much less rise than 1degC. One of Channel Tens most prominent personalities has decided to leave the network and return to the world of academia. Sales has hosted ABCs 7.30 for more than a decade. With Australia now anticipating "significant conflict" in the Indo-Pacific, the whole jumble and chaos of our defence strategy has become just a tad alarming, as well as depressing as ever, writes Laura Tingle. Chinese state media has slammed billionaire Elon Musk, blaming him for spreading a conspiracy theory about Covids origins. What is it with the ABC Trump hating? Starts at 60 is just for over-60s. Speaking toMediaweek,ABCacting director of entertainment and specialist Jennifer Collins said Sales is a perfect fit for Australian Story. Please try again. However, according to Media Diary, its ABC reporter Sarah Ferguson who is firming up as the favourite to take over. In the firing line recently was the public broadcasters Lisa Millar. . IanL, I thought so too but realised it is recorded, not live, so if Huckabee had walked out, there would have been no impact and Sales would have ditched the tape not run it. Its been a disheartening week for Australian women. Often women feel like I dont have anything to say, or Im not an expert, whereas men are like, oh yeah, I know a bit about everything, Ill be fine. Just ask the ABC executives who stumbled momentarily when they replaced the towering figure of Kerry OBrien with not one, but two, journalists in 2010. I had heard from a number of members of the FBI, both current and former, but I said I shouldnt have used that particular word [countless].. OS and software installs . It's time to call out the personal, sexist attacks, Sales contends that it is thoseon the Left who frequently target female journos in particular: Let's not duck the common thread here it is overwhelmingly left-leaning Twitter users who are targeting ABC journalists for abuse. Anyone who can stomach wading into mentions of @leighsales will find that virtually hourly, I am abused for doing my job, with a stream of tweets goading me to quit, demanding the ABC sack me, telling me Im useless, stupid, biased and incompetent, she wrote. As the hard-hitting face hammering politicians as they worm their way out of curly questions, two-time Walkley Award winning journalist Leigh Sales is one fierce force. In boardrooms? As she wraps up her career at ABC's 7.30, Leigh Sales has revealed her true thoughts on the Australian Prime Ministers she has interviewed during her time at the current affairs program. A footnote to this is that Sales is being talked about as a replacement for Uhlmann, who has indicated he will retire after the election as Nines political editor. All the others and I include here Tony Jones, Leigh Sales, The Drum, Fran Kelly, Alison Carabine, Sarbra Lane and Marius Benson and others. Why do the left have trouble with comprehension and nuance? It didnt last. My phone connects to the car system by Bluetooth, so I select and download my own choices from online sources. Hush money, true. Sales might be astounded by Trumps statement, I dont think the science knows, actually but any honest scientist would give Trump five stars. The sq. Sales appears to refer to the Bob Woodward book allegations that Trump deliberately played down COVID-19. Her interview with John Laws in 2012 was another standout, although she left it out of her list of memorable moments when announcing her decision to leave on Thursday. Finding the right host for 7.30 will be no easy task. [iii] Paul Homewood discusses the heat data further here. They also decided to change the name of The 7.30 Report to just 7.30, something that still irks viewers. Sales also hosted the ABC's Australia Votes for the 2016 Australian Election and again for the 2019 election and hosted her last in 2022. But I also feel that that is fitting in a broader context about awareness of power generally, because I feel like every single night when Im hosting 7.30, that I see stories in which people in power are exploiting or taking advantage of people with less power.In many cases, people that they have been paid to care for, or have expressly said that they promise to serve and I see it all the time, every night on the show. NFTs Simplified > Uncategorized > leigh sales political views. In all the years Ive anchored, Ive never had more viewers come up to me in public than after that interview to say how much joy it gave them, and it was so beautiful that people felt as if they had shared in that experience with me., Very proud of @leighsales. They want me home with them before 8.30pm and I dont think thats too much for two little boys to ask and theyre two beautiful little boys. she said. To combat backlash, the mother-of-two emphasises the importance of preparation and listening something that makes her relentless in her field. Sales' second book, On Doubt, was published in 2009 as part of MUP's series Little Books on Big Themes. I havent listened to any radio for yonks, and it doesnt hurt a bit! ft. home is a 4 bed, 3.0 bath property. 52 Leigh St , Toronto, ON M6N3X is a single-family home listed for-sale at $1,299,900. [13] The book covers Hicks' case as well as a detailed explanation of the Bush administration's detainee policy in the War on Terror[14] and the Australian government's cooperation. Sales packed into eight minutes all conceivable ABC bias, venom and hatred of a US President now polling 51 per cent, according to the latest Rassmussen, profile of the electorate a figure reflecting support before the signing of the twin Israeli peace . Some news from me, with love to our viewers and my colleagues. Although Sales Trump Derangement Syndrome is probably about normal in Their ABC, to me it was the last straw. The suckers and losers alleged quotes were nothing but a Democrat/media hit job based on anonymous smears in the face of attributed denials by several/many senior people present at the time. We should be calling out disgraceful behaviour from wherever it hails, not weaponising it to fuel ideological battlegrounds. Then I have a player push them through into the cars sound system. Sales packed into eight minutes all conceivable ABC bias, venom and hatred of a US President now polling 51 per cent, according to the latest Rassmussen, profile of the electorate a figure reflecting support before the signing of the twin Israeli peace deals with UAE and Bahrain. [6], Sales was born in Brisbane and attended Aspley State High School in that city. Indigenous leader Noel Pearson says Australia is incomplete without constitutional recognition of First Nations people. For example, say if I want to have more women on 7.30. The veteran journalist delivered her final show on Thursday, June 30, 2022with an emotional sign-off after more than a decade of hard-hitting interviews. [23] Described by Sales and Crabb as shambolic and peripatetic[24] the podcast episodes are recorded every two to three weeks. As a woman considering misogyny today, what does not immediately spring to mind, is the Lefts treatment, as opposed to the Right's treatment, on social media in particular, of female journalists as opposed to their male counterparts or other women. Chris Uhlmann and Leigh Sales were initially co-hosts of 7.30 after Kerry OBrien, but the double-header did not last. Sales using Sanders Christian faith as a stick to beat her with is disgusting. We all cop criticism here. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, affectionately known as Auntie, or as I prefer the Australian Bolshevik Collective is long overdue for the chop. Tech billionaire Bill Gates is one of the best known figures on the planet, responsible for decades of philanthropy targeting poverty, disease, infant mortality and more recently COVID. About the other great enemy of the state being persecuted in China, and which is in fact a dangerous ideology, we hear little, and when we do the victim is lauded, not smeared. Why are Australian viewers bombarded with crap like Planet America-more anti Trump? Theres been mounting speculation that ABC executives were likely to appoint either Insiders host David Speers or political correspondent Laura Tingle, who filled in as 7.30 host over the summer break. The following was sent to the ABC management Sales is not alone. Enjoyed this speech? They are also the things about which we need to hold our politicians and the media of both sexes to account. Generally, the people Im interviewing act the same with me as they would a man., For me, its important to show the actual work is smart and thoughtful and heavily prepared and that I know my stuff so Im not just a pretty face, Leigh Sales. Sales has hosted ABC's 7.30 for more than a decade. The much-admired journalist makes her career look effortless but the mental load of managing two young children (aged four and six) and a senior role creates significant obstacles. Powell endorsed Barack Obamas presidential bids in 2008 and 2012 and boasted of voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016. In the case of Gillard, Sales was certainly happy to repeat the vituperative commentary about Gillard. Born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Leigh Sales is best known for being a tv show host. Monster you become: Alex Murdaugh sentenced for killing wife and son, Chris Rock is ready to talk about Will Smiths infamous Oscars slap, Researchers confirm that living with chronic pain brings a higher risk of dementia, Toyota accused of greenwashing in Greenpeace complaint to ACCC, Doing it tough: Financial pain at three-year high as cost of living, mortgage rates squeeze families, Hollywood mourns gruff, tough and troubled action star Tom Sizemore, dead at 61, Hong Kong court convicts dissident trio for marking date of Tiananmen massacre, King Charles sacred coronation oil blessed in Jerusalem, Police charge IT worker with $90k Maritime Museum ripoff, NSW Labor promises never to privatise new Harbour tunnel. [4][5] In November 2022, it was announced that Sales had been appointed as the new host of ABC TV's weekly documentary series Australian Story. Trench warfare between Monique Ryan and political staffer, Michael Pascoe: More rubbish about taxing super than youll find at the tip, Review underway as workers pay a deadly price for cheaper engineered-stone bench tops, Australian superannuation funds are top performers globally, Top videos: Ed Sheeran wins hearts at Melbournes Royal Childrens Hospital, The CIAs countless attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro. Across fashion, footwear, homewares and health; cruises, tours and package holidays; news, views and media. Please take heart! Short program, you say? Let me give you an example from yesterday in a discussion about the California wildfires. Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. The platform certainly hasnt intervened to date. The CEO Magazine is more than a business title; its a source of information, inspiration and motivation for the worlds most successful leaders, executives, investors and entrepreneurs. At 1am, after a record-breaking seven-plus hours of anchoring the live broadcast, Sales said: Yeah, weve broken the record. Subscribe to IA and investigate Australia today. I havent examined the ABCs budget, but I am sure Classic FMs share is minuscule compared with the news and current affairs department, what with its overseas bureaux and all, and could surely exist with funds redirected from the plastic and dramatic arts currently wasted on jars of urine or two hours of silence, or whatever treat the next cunning but otherwise unemployable confidence-trickster grant-dependent artist dreams up. All rights reserved. Her first book, Detainee 002: The Case of David Hicks, was published in 2007 by Melbourne University Publishing (MUP). AEST = Australian Eastern Standard Time which is 10 hours ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). I think they view it as; As a dad, how do you remain engaged with your kids? where any woman you ask that question of would literally pull out a laminated card., We are much more conscious to have women at the table, but it remains a difficult problem. Join the IA newsletter for regular updates on our latest news stories. Virginia Trioli seems to be thriving in the morning radio shift at ABC Melbourne. Now we have to regroup, and shift resources and emphasis to take on a different story. Indeed, the problem is men in senior positions are rarely if ever asked the same question. Hi speech lovers,With costs of hosting website and podcast, this labour of love has become a difficult financial proposition in recent times. I feel like Im constantly asking myself this question did something change in this country? Did something change, that the standard for behaviour now is not I have to do the right thing or I have to do what I promised I said I would do, but instead how much can I get away with?I think that, from what I hear people say on 7.30 Australians are sick of this kind of situation.Theyre sick of banks gouging their accounts with fees and charges while somehow missing large scale money laundering, thats funnelling millions of dollars overseas to terrorism or child exploitation.Theyre sick of highly profitable nursing homes taking money from families, and then neglecting or abusing mum or dad.Theyre sick of financial advisors who promise to take peoples life savings and help them pay for their retirement, knowing the entire time that theyre fleecing them.I think the unemployed, students, pensioners were pretty sick of being harassed by a powerful government department to repay debt that they never actually even owed in the first place.People are tired of private health insurance constantly upping fees, then you go to a specialist and they go oh sorry its not covered by private health.Theyre sick of telecommunications companies that promised the world when you sign up for the Internet, and then when youre having a problem with it and it wont work, they wont pick up their phone to answer your call in any kind of timely fashion.Theyre sick of rich multinational companies underpaying their workers and then not even having the common courtesy to ring people when those workers are killed on the job.Theyre sick of priests abusing children in their care, or scoutmasters. She's great cleavage is our leigh sales and 'other' [vixen] -even though few weeks ago she disabused one of her viewers with some diatribe about taking craps at th end of one of her lateline shows - [ a certain individual being stalked practically to death by . lauren talley husband,