You've been in love with your best friend Alex since the age of 11, but you know that he will never return your feelings. He couldnt imagine leaving Karl or Sapnap behind. It whizzed through the air and in a flash, X stopped it. This is gonna take a long time. Your legs intertwining. sorry for this being so short, i only added my comfort streamers, but i still hope you guys enjoy it! Characters: Badboyhalo, Dream, Sapnap, C!Technoblade, QuackityWarnings: Pregnancy irl!mcyts having a long-distance relationship w you! X left before the gods could see him this way. You were weak and strong. With a fake sigh, you turn around putting a stern expression on. 4) Put in shaders folder. SFW. His laughs are dry but he can feel more energy entering his system. Why couldnt you just be happy with him? Their hands are soft, unlike Schlatts. You finally stepped out of that damned rams shadow, why are they looking at you like that? X thought that was the end of it. After he saw you get upset he would assure you he is happy. But, he likes making you lean down to kiss him, and standing on his tippy toes to smack a kiss against your cheek. He sits up straight, turning to look at you. Are you sure about that. Your comment is stern when your eyes meet his own. Tubbo and Ranboo investigate Las Nevadas and develop surveillance in an effort to protect Snowchester. Other than it was cold like jumping into a lake on a summer day. I said to shut up. Technoblade: Spooning. He doesnt want you to die not this way. Its a one sided relationship but he never minded. takings requests He fell, and hard too. People dont try to hide their gossiping while they take in your figure. You want to flinch at his harsh words, but you cant show weakness. Three measly lives until they were gone forever. Have a good day/night!! The cloak on your shoulders feels heavy, weighing you down. What are you still doing here? This is your home. And he took your word for it. Youre silent for a moment and he fears the worst happened. You did look peaceful, he finds himself musing. Hey. He lays you on the ground, confusion and fear in his expression. Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (61), Clay | Dream (Video Blogging RPF)/You (66), GeorgeNotFound (Video Blogging RPF)/You (50), Technoblade (Video Blogging RPF)/You (42), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Clay | Dream's Sister Drista (Video Blogging RPF), References to Ancient Greek Religion & Lore, Alternate Universe - Ancient Greek Religion & Lore Fusion, Mount Olympus (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Las Nevadas on Dream SMP (Video Blogging RPF), *DSMP CHARACTER AND READER ONESHOTS* [This is a request book], Clay | Dream/GeorgeNotFound/Sapnap (Video Blogging RPF), Clay | Dream/GeorgeNotFound/Sapnap (Video Blogging RPF)/You, Abandoned Work - Unfinished and Discontinued, Wilbur/You/Quakity spend the night together, Alexis | Quackity's Chat (Video Blogging RPF), Dream Team SMP Roleplay (Video Blogging RPF), I Hear a Symphony {Quackity x Reader Royal AU}, Wilbur Soot & Technoblade & TommyInnit & Phil Watson, Wilbur Soot & Technoblade & TommyInnit & Phil Watson & You, Post-Doomsday War on Dream Team SMP (Video Blogging RPF), Dream Team SMP Angst (Video Blogging RPF), Protective Technoblade (Video Blogging RPF), Traumatized TommyInnit (Video Blogging RPF), Ranboo's Memory Books (Video Blogging RPF), Technoblade Is Bad At Self-Care (Video Blogging RPF), TommyInnit Needs a Break (Video Blogging RPF), implied female reader but gender neutral pronouns used, THE ROLE OF THE KING - LAS NEVADAS FANFIC, Youtubers Playing Minecraft (Video Blogging RPF), Prison Arc on Dream Team SMP (Video Blogging RPF), Mentioned Phil Watson (Video Blogging RPF), Mentioned GeorgeNotFound (Video Blogging RPF), Quote: Technoblade Never Dies (Video Blogging RPF). I just got you back, I cant lose you again. You bite your lip at his frantic remarks. Youre just like him. Even after I destroyed their home? 1.8m Likes, 41.4k Comments - @quackity on Instagram: "Quackity from Las Nevadas (not real cigs)" // Quackity x Y/N (fe. Sapnaps eyes widen and weak mumbles of protest escape his mouth. As soon as your order is handed over to our shipping carrier, the shipping method you chose during checkout will apply. But not as lovers, but as enemies, but they both know deep down they still have feelings for each other. You sink into the gesture, feeling yourself calm at the kindness he is displaying. He keeps his eyes closed while he talks. He conveys what words cant in the action then pulls back. Although he finds an uncomfortable feeling rising in his stomach, he nods his head, gesturing to the spot next to him. You burnt your arm, protecting me. You got rid of your horns. This should have never happened. basically im reposting everything that i wrote on my wattpad oneshot book. *** REQUESTS ARE CLOSED AS I HAVE SO MANY TO WRITE AND I WOULD LIKE TO TAKE A BREAK TO WRITE SOME OF MY OWN IDEAS. Your hand is shaky but firm, as you begin to saw off the horn. I thought that you wanted this and- Youre cut off by a loud gasp behind you. They wont see me as a person, or a hybrid but a reminder of Schlatt. The mans name drips with hate from your tongue. I got rid of my horns, for you! Puffy is first to step forward from the crowd, a sorrowful gaze etching onto her face. You can see it clearly. You make your way down the crater, stumbling over loose rubble. In the distance you can see the walls of the empire. No, Im just making sure the job is done. With a pain in your heart you drop the flag, letting it fall to the floor. Is there something on my face or do you just like me? You open an eye, turning your head slightly to look at the male. I don't own any fanart in this book. Im sorry, I just wasnt expecting that and- He tries to apologize for some reason, but you cut him off coldly. They glared at the god, but backed off. Begrudgingly, he becomes friends with you, He really doesnt see you in a bright light, just as another mouth to feed, until you stand up for him against some attackers, Despite bears not being territorial, youre practically chasing the intruders off his property without a second thought, He isnt a fan of affection at first, but its tolerable for you, He likes how you nuzzle into his neck and side. You and your weird bird instincts, man. You lived in Lmanburg, but it was never a home to you. A part of him relishes in seeing pain. The gold dust did nothing to prove that, glimmering in the pool of blood. Four, he raises his sword, the black metal glowing in the light. They would die for eachother, that's how much they cared. What more do you guys want from me? You pull him into a hug, the embrace tightening with the passing seconds. In a few strides, they cross the room together staring down angrily at Quackity. Cover b Cover art by @/saterise on instagram When she was younger Wilbur, fundy, and her left Sally. He didnt worry at first, after all youre decent enough to take them on. Tnt falls from above, withers roam the lands and a large crater lies in the middle of it all. Quackity? Expressing concern for him, you try to help slow down his breathing, not understanding what is happening. !cover art not min Wilbur comes into Las Nevadas late at night and runs into Quackity while on a smoke break. As you stumble into the streets above you can hear frantic whispers from all around you. Philza and Techno wait at the entrance for you, small smiles appearing on their faces when you appear. The peaceful moment ends as he begins to stir. With those words, he felt the admiration grow inside of him. You held onto my hand so tightly. You clear your throat but remain silent. Your first life was lost as a child. His mouth gaps open until he rushes forward. Technoblade nods politely to you and follows after the older man. Wilbur gets drunk one day and finds himself travelling to a familiar city, with a familiar owner. Im so sorry its taking so long! Little did Quackity know, Y/N had her ear pressed up onto the wall of her apartment because she heard a loud bang right after Quackity left. Your best bet to fix this is to contact your local UPS once it reaches your city/state/country. There won't be any smut and I will be using they/them pronouns for the reader although i'll probably direct it more towards fem readers. Quackity lays against the bed, having pulled up a chair to the bedside. Technoblade and Philza arent as kind as you think they are. Youre gone for eternity and its never felt so long. He tosses it aside, his arms catching your body when it falls. You have everything here: friends, family and Las Nevadas. What have I done? Childishly, he wraps his arms around his frame, tucking his wings to his body as well. Working directly under the cruel man was difficult for him. I shouldve said that I love you! Or maybe you dont want to admit the truth.. He treated them and he bargained with them. smut is to be expected. Five seconds and he is getting closer. Forced you to understand how he was feeling, how reckless you were and how you shouldnt throw away your life so easily. A monster. Theres no need to know much about them if they didnt care for him either. His eyes move past Quackity, practically ignoring the other as he addresses you. Im just teasing, most people are interested by my horns anyways. by Exulansis :] 104K 2.7K 22 Hello! Quackity The End of Las Nevadas Sudadera con capucha Dream Team SMP de manga larga para hombre, Gorras de Bisbol Todo el Algodn Tamao Ajustable, Sudaderas Deportivas con y sin Capucha para Hombre, Sudaderas Deportivas con y sin Capucha para Mujer. How could he not? Our weapons kept breaking, we were running out of food and hiding in a house. He sniffles, his nose feeling runny. He said this would get better, that this would bring back peace. Time moves for no one but itself. Although Tubbo will most likely run away on sight, and the teen will have to track down his friend while you awkwardly watch, The three of you will become quick friends, bonding over the smallest of things, Ranboo will invite you to live in Snowchester with them, a little unsure about leaving you around Technoblade or Philza, Although he trusts the older men, he knows that youll most likely be safer in Snowchester, He gets really worried about Dream finding out you exist, knowing the cruelty of the man, But with him stuck in the prison, there shouldnt be too much to worry about, When you suggest taking him on a flight, he agrees liking the idea, Until he is hundreds of feet into the sky, clinging onto you for dear life, Hell prefer to stay on the ground for a while, letting you go on flights alone. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Your hands grip tightly into your hair, digging into the skin and tugging at hair harshly. Aha, 13+, even though half. Youre just another mortal that he would forget about eventually. Blackstone walls greet you ominously as you trudge through the wreckage. I cant make this place into my home, if I have never been accepted here from the start. You pause, swallowing as your throat gets dryer. The flag, a design you helped the others create, burns dimly. Im sorry, I didnt mean to make you worry. This was my first fanfic, oh wow, this was back in 2021 Techno huffs, straightening out his cloak before speaking. He begged the gods to bring you back. His mouth is agape, closing and opening with no words. She stops the action, scared shell scare you off and instead raises a hand to her own horns feeling the pain indirectly. That was until he met you. But, they were all used up in the fight earlier. No, no, no this cant be happening. He mutters to himself, throwing a few curses under his breath too. The female gestures to Quackity beside you and with that they leave the room once more. Sure, you had fantasized about this day for months, but deep down you thought it would never happen. You couldnt deny his words, knowing that you would do anything for your past leader. A soft whisper, comes from Quackity until it is followed by a much more confident voice. At this point, he has stood up guarding your figure from their view, quite unsuccessfully. He felt sick, like the constant dizziness after drinking the wrong potion. If a cancellation is necessary for a pre-order, please reply to your order confirmation email as soon as possible so that we can handle your case directly. These damned horns are the reason why no one likes you. Yet, every good fire has to start with a spark. Youre forced to turn around, to look him in the face. Quickly, he walks to you, the distance shortening in long strides. For a brief moment, Quackity debates pulling you back in, to give you a kiss that expresses everything hes felt. Youre not seriously leaving, are you? Quackity calls out from behind you, his voice straining. That way they can all spend time together, He already has the few polar bears relaxing outside of his home, failing their job as guard dogs since you got by, But instead of going through his house, youre simply talking to the bears, laying against them casually, You stop speaking when someone grunts loudly near you, flinching as you see the rather tall piglin nearby, He spots the ears a top your head, understanding why you were hanging around the bears, He decides to ignore you, going back inside his house, Until, you pop inside to talk to his other polar bear, Steve, Techno tries to make you leave, struggling when his own pet growls at him. A hand lightly slaps against your skin trying to keep you away. This was not how Tegan has expected her summer to be. . But, I cant. Many topics are thrown around and the mood seems to lighten. Cover art is from dekuushi on instagram The winged man knows he can take on the other in a fight and win. You laughed off the event, treating your death like it was nothing. Please keep in mind that once we move forward with a cancellation, it may take up to 10 business days to receive your refund through the payment method you used to make the order. He remembers feeling cold. You examine your nails in feign interest. Puffy looks as if she is about to interrogate you, when Nihachu lays a hand on her shoulder. You wince from the movement, breath catching in your throat. Youll have to decide what to do and soon. Hey. You are pulled into a nearby house, pushed onto a bed by a blurry figure. You arent sure what you want to do. Laughing painfully as you described the feeling to him. Love and hate, weak and strong, rich and poor; they all brew off of the failures of time. He came back to the nation to find it in pieces. High quality Quackity X Reader Las Nevadas Lemon inspired Scarves designed and sold by independent artists and designers from around the world. He is startled from the question, not expecting anyone else to be around this late. And, hed scold you mindlessly when you were reckless. In the empire.. The first people to greet you to Lmanburg and even they dont look glad. :) I am doing good :) I hope you're happy as well, including everyone else and all of my anons! It is natural that a ram hybrid would resemble Schlatt, but he isnt prepared for facing his past so soon. But, he still holds onto the fading memories of his old friend. sera por miedo? You stayed with him the rest of the night, talking like old times. Leaving nothing but a mess behind. During the SWAG2020 vs POG2020 Election, Quackity formed SWAG2020 with GeorgeNotFound as his VP, to rival POG2020.. Quackity and Wilbur talk to each other, and they eventually start talking about power. I dont need people tip toeing around me because I remind them of some dead guy. You glare at the floor in front of you, trying to not direct your anger to Quackity. A pre-sale or pre-order is a new product that is available for sale before being in stock and ready to ship. Heracles angered Hera, Odysseus Poseidon, and you Aphrodite. How long until your fiances leave?, Am I wrong? You lift your hand to caress his cheek softly. Or, in which a girl catches the eye of a certain God, and becomes a pawn in an elaborate game. There is no escape from the past and he was a great example of that. X never bothered to ask the other gods why. - Is afraid they he might hurt you or the baby. The third time he meets you, is unintentional. "He's another streamer. I just wanted to help. Alex-Lemons @alex-lemons. You can taste the salt of his tears on your lips. The trip through The Nether is silent. Quackity and Wilbur always seen fighting, arguing, insulting each other. As a relationship develops, he enjoys having you by his side, including all of your instincts, The lazily cuddles spent together are so warm and full of love. Maybe he had gotten a little too carried away this time, but in the end he felt like he could be patient.He slid out of her door, not bothering to say bye. It is all so overwhelming and the pain catches up to you. He follows after you, hastily. The question is who genuinely wants to be friends, and who's just fucking with your head? He would protect you in dangerous situations, although he wouldnt save you from everything. - Fini One lonely night in Las Nevadas, Quackity and Wilbur drunkenly made a bet. Stay here, Quackity. What Wilbur could not accomplish was completed by you. You shake your head, laughing to yourself while running your hands through your hair roughly. His eyebrows are furrowed together and tears drip down his face and off his chin. Theyll all just leave you in the end. Y/N sighed. If time did heal then the world would cease to turn. It is quiet again, not even a cricket can be heard chirping. Quackity. I try to be nice, I ignore the stares, the whispers, the remarks. I may have not liked Lmanberg from the start but at least I know when to stop. He takes a step forward. He periodically looks over at you, surprised to find that your eyes are closed completely. "Y/N NOOO." You laugh and end the call. Pre-order items will have an estimated shipping date that will be indicated on the items product page. It is silent, the air stale while the three men await your answer. His beanie long discarded showing off his messy hair. 4 notes. Will they discover new ! ! Look around you Sapnap. What did I do? I dont think youre stupid. Fundy didn't like his younger sister so he left her and sat far away from her. You dont say much, appearing to be in a solemn mood for some reason, as you sit next to him. But, you guys have changed for the worse. You lean back on your heels casually, trying to look nonchalant. You dont wait to see the way he falls to his knees. But when things go south, will Y/N be able to help him reach the status of ultimate chad? I had no choice. Your tone is soft, like how it used to be. He hides again and this time Sapnap and Karl dont attempt to make him leave the house. Hes holding something in his hands? You didnt even need to turn around to notice, since the feeling of his stare on your back is so strong. He periodically looks over at you, surprised to find that your eyes are closed completely. Bears often scent or rub against their companions to show affection, so its normal for you to follow that, Fundy doesnt mind, his fox side enjoying all the attention, He doesnt think much of your hybrid side, not finding it weird or strange, He will want to know what traits or instincts you inherited though, that is always his favorite part about meeting hybrids, Ranboo will probably find you rustling through his chests most of the time, simply because you can. You dont take anything, youre just very curious, Hes quick to learn that you are curious about almost anything. The scent of death and fire burns through the air, making onlookers shrivel up their nose in distaste. What do I do. Collapsed against a house, a hand on your stomach. But the pressure continues to build up inside, for the both of you. If you got rid of them, that would solve everything wouldnt it? He pictured her in those tight ass clothes, pressed all up on him.Without the tight ass clothes.Pressed all up on him (if you catch my drift ( )). He nears, flinching when he sees your head pop up from the snow, The fluffy round ears atop your head give away your status as a bear hybrid, and it all clicks together. At least we are changing. You smile solemnly to yourself. Youre panting heavily, bleed dripping in huge streams down your face. High quality Quackity X Reader Las Nevadas Lemon inspired iPad cases & skins by independent artists and designers from around the world. Feeling bile rising to your throat, you lean over the side of the bed, emptying your stomach. X stayed by your side, waiting until your body faded away leaving a golden dust in its place. The others, they wont change. Mi mirada estaba fijada en l, tal y como las dems miradas de los otros hombres, nadie despegaba su mirada de l, por qu? You already lost a life, years back. But, you also didnt want to be scrutinized for everything you do. You reach a hand to brush his bangs out of his eyes, but he flinches, squeezing his eyes shut harshly. But, he stops when he sees the corners of you mouth twitch, In seconds, youre laughing, wings fluttering behind you, You are the one to apologize now, saying that it was too fun to see his reaction. Monsters never really got along with the ender dragon and the dragon wasnt known for being kind to them. Sighing, you approach him and engulf Quackity in a tight hug. With one last breath you thanked him for everything. You can feel your chest tightening at all of the attention being directed at you. You nuzzle into his shoulder, lightly bumping your head against his body despite the pain. Quackity grits his teeth, wanting to yell out but stops with a directed glare from Philza. He'll wrap his arms around you and lightly stroke your hair. Will probably include smut, and probably a couple make out parts. 12 Stories. A tear falls down his cheek and dribbles down his chin. And if he holds you close like this no one can hurt you. I used to call you sappy. Sapnap laughs dryly at the memory. The pair freeze up when Eret clears his throat, obviously not pleased that you were planning to prank them. Fluff and blushes!!! He isnt the strongest person so he isnt too confident about protecting you either. His throat feels tight, reminding him of when Schlatt would yank on his tie. He frantically searches through his inventory for potions or healing items. He searched for potions or any items to help your recovery. Posts tagged with #quackity x reader. you get what you give pbs commercial, siemens energy orlando fl address, allison calhoun dennis net worth,